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Quality Management Assurance

Archway Care is committed to meeting the provisions of its robust and measurable quality plan which specifies the level of service we will provide, how we will evidence and measure these standards and the practices in place to maintain our high quality of service.

Our partners wish to be better informed of our ability to meet our commitments to them via access to quantifiable, up-to-date and accurate data.

Archway Care uses a leading specialist database for fostering services to ensure consistency of data which informs improvements to safe working practices and services to meet our partners’ qualitative and regulatory requirements. The system has been developed to record all information and outcomes required by current legislation whilst offering the flexibility to manage information and data in a secure environment. The providers of the system are able to help customise monitoring reports depending on each partner’s requirements.

The data allows Archway Care to produce evidence of service standards which meet partners’ requirements in line with our contractual arrangements. Archway Care uses the data to continually improve outcomes for children and young people as well as partner and foster carer satisfaction levels.

  • Improve and expand the life chances and outcomes for children and young people placed with Archway Care foster carers.
  • Ensure that children and young people are appropriately safeguarded and grow up in circumstances consistent with safe and effective care.
  • Guarantee full compliance with all regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Provide assurances that all services meet the intent and detailed requirement of each contract placed with Archway Care.
  • Have a greater understanding of partners’ needs with a view to achieving greater satisfaction levels.
  • Have a greater understanding of Archway Care’s service processes.
  • Ensure and maintain consistent service levels.
  • Create an environment which encourages continual improvement and thereby enhances opportunities for all stakeholders. This includes opportunities for consultation with and the participation of all our stakeholders.
  • Communication with and the involvement of staff and foster carers to ensure they are fully aware of their professional obligations towards outcomes and record keeping.
  • Regular consultation with all stakeholders to ensure their views inform service design and delivery.
  • Ongoing work within the team to develop action plans in response to information gathered through surveys and practice experience.
  • Analysis of inspection frameworks and regulations leading to improvement actions with the support of the wider National Fostering Agency (NFA) Group.
  • Ongoing data collection and analysis to support the measuring and monitoring of services.
  • Formal documentation of the QM process comprising the following elements:
    1. Quality assurance measures covering all stages of carer recruitment: application, assessment, approval and reviews. All reviews to be chaired by an Independent Reviewing Officer. Decisions in respect of approvals and first reviews (or where there are early reviews) to be made by the Agency Decision Maker (the NFA Group Director of Quality with responsibility for quality assurance function).
    2. Policy and Procedures to be updated regularly to include best practice and learning from research.
    3. Ongoing consultation with stakeholders, eg specifically designed questionnaires, groups for looked after children and the sons and daughters of foster carers.
    4. Monitoring of evidence, eg key performance indicators providing information on the progress in outcomes for children and young people.
    5. Ethical and transparent finances.
    6. Monthly supervision records and line management arrangements providing quality assurance for day-to-day operations
    7. Support for continual improvement through the NFA Group Director of Transformational Practice and Compliance who provides guidance and analysis on auditing measures.
The Benefits of using a Quality Management system
  • All written procedures, instructions, forms or records linked to the QM system are electronically controlled, ensuring that all staff are not working in a vacuum (when it is not appropriate to do so) and that service provision is professional and systematic.
  • In respect of the children and young people in our care, the QM system ensures that there are clear lines of communication with identified roles and responsibilities.
  • The system creates an environment for continual improvement and so increases the opportunity for enhanced outcomes for each and every child or young person.
  • Greater control of compliance processes within Archway Care.
  • The system enables Archway Care to be open and honest with their partners and to demonstrate value for money through propositions and service offers.
System Auditing

System auditing ensures that all aspects of the quality management system in place is being adhered to. Archway Care uses the following practices:

  • Internal audits (including a safeguarding audit and RAG ratings which measure placement stability)
  • Inspections by the Safeguarding Committee
  • Analysis of reporting systems and structures
  • Utilising IT system data
External Awards and Quality Accreditation Schemes

Archway Care is recognised as and is committed to being an Investor in People and has achieved the Investors in People Gold Award.
Archway Care has also received the government’s Customer Service Excellence Award. The award builds on the legacy of the Charter Mark and concentrates in depth on the experiences of partners and the actions taken by organisations to recognise and understand their partners by giving them a voice, listening to feedback and using these responses to shape services. Archway Care is re-assessed each year and has consistently retained its certification.