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Transfer to Archway

Transferring to Archway Care

Archway Care has considerable experience in helping foster carers transfer from their existing agency to Archway Care, although foster carers can only be approved by one fostering provider, whether private, voluntary or local authority, at any one time. You also need to give a minimum of 28 days notice, in writing, to your existing agency.

The situation of children or young people currently being fostered by you will need to be carefully managed and negotiated with the placing authority and Archway Care. To ensure this happens smoothly and successfully, Archway Care, together with other fostering agencies in the UK, the Fostering Network and many local authorities, have agreed to follow the good practice set out in the ‘Protocol for Movement of Foster Carers between Agencies’ developed by The Joint Forum of Independent Fostering Agencies and the Fostering Network. The latest version of the Protocol is available on the Fostering Network website.

The Protocol is based on the assumption that foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services and the principle that, in all circumstances, the welfare of any child or young person in placement is paramount. When writing the Protocol the overarching objectives were:

  • To ensure continuity of care for children in placement during any transfer of foster carers between fostering services
  • To minimise the length of time taken in the transfer process
  • To provide a framework for the negotiation of the financial implications of the transfer between services
  • To ensure that foster carers are not pressurised into changing their fostering service

The document sets out various time frames by which information has to be provided by your existing agency to prevent delays, so because you have already been approved as a foster carer, it should only take three to four months to complete the transfer.

Archway Care will honour the allowance paid by the previous agency if it is greater than the highly competitive allowance offered by us, so you won’t be financially worse off by transferring to us.

The process also takes into account how the move of their foster carers to another agency may affect each child and young person in placement, timetables for the transfer, the continuity of plans for the child or young person, the transfer arrangements and the views of the child or young person, parent or any other involved parties to make sure that no one is disadvantaged by the move.