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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Archway Care is committed to the belief that all children and young people, without exception, have a right to experience a high quality positive family life.

Archway Care believe that children and young people who are fostered deserve the highest standard of care, along with the social, psychological and education support necessary to enable them to reach their full potential.

Effective and successful foster care is achieved when there is a positive partnership between Archway Care, the foster carers and the local authorities who refer the children and young people to us.

Archway Care will do everything possible to ensure that through effective communication the relationships between foster carers, local authorities and other partner agencies thrive and that all parties work together to benefit the children and young people placed via Archway Care.

Archway Care welcomes children and young people of all cultures, ethnic groups, religions and abilities and aims to secure the most appropriate and life-enhancing placements possible.

Children and young people have a right to continuity and consistency in all aspects of their lives, including their health care, education and social development.